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How to BooBoo!

It is time to get BooBooFied!

The BooBooLoon® Air Cushioned Pet Recovery Collar™ is made of a soft, comfy and flexible material that allows ultimate comfort post surgery. Using the BooBooLoon® collar is a cinch! All you need to do is take a look at our user friendly How-To guide to ensure that your dog or cat gets the most out of their BooBooLoon®.

Once you make sure that the humane dog collar BooBooLoon® is inflated halfway and securely fastened by the hook and loop fasteners, you can officially say that your pet has been BooBooFied!


  • Avoid using the collar on cats with sharp nails.
  • Reduce air pressure in high temperatures - do not over inflate.
  • Suffocation hazard - please keep this item and its packaging materials away from children.
  • Pets wearing any recovery collar should always be monitored for safety.
Step 1


Squeeze the base of the air valve to inflate or deflate

Step 2


Save your breath! Only half inflate the BooBooLoon® for your pet's comfort. The hook and loop fasteners should lay flat for a tight grip making sure the BooBooLoon® will not come undone or risk puncture

Step 3


Press plug into the valve and push the entire valve assembly in so that it is flush

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